Pics from yesterday with to much clothes on -I think I was insight cooling down in the aircondition to long, and therefore had the idea that it was the same temperature outside, but NO! I am still in love with snake print (and Isabel Marant) So I am really considering going snake print crazy on YouHeShe’s webshop, where I can get these 4 snake printed Isabel Marant items ON SALE!     Wearing // Blouse & Shorts: Isabel Marant // Shoes: Whitney Port for Bik Bok // Sunnies: Ray-Ban // Watch: Rolex


If you follow me on Instagram you probably know, that I am in Sweden right now?! I went to Malmö yesterday to visit a favourite friend of mine, and when I am done shopping today, I am going to Copenhagen in Denmark to look at an apartment (YES! I am finally moving to Copenhagen after this summer) I am already leaving again this night, and even though, I have really missed Denmark, I seriously can’t wait to get away from this winter weather there is here in Scandinavian! Wearing// Jacket (under vest): Mango // Leather Vest: H&M Trend // Pants:...

Happy Midsummer!

Had the BEST night last night! A lovely Swedish girl named Emma and I went out for drinks (lots of drinks) so I have pretty much been more or less useless today being (so seriously bad) hungover.. I am always getting so ill the day after drinking, maybe that’s a good thing, or else I probably would be drinking all the time! 😉 So tonight it is midsummer, and I am dreaming my self away to Sweden, celebrating with a floral wreath around my head or to Denmark setting a witch on fire! But I will be celebrating in bed with...

So f…… hot!

It is seriously so hot here, that I am staying inside where the air conditioner is, when ever I have the chance! But I will make it a try now, and move outside on the balcony for 10 minutes, and then go inside for 10 minutes! I need even more tan, before I go to Sweden and Denmark next week for a few days, so I can make my lovely white Scandinavian friends jealous! 😉 Wearing // Top: H&M Trend // Shorts: Rag & Bone // Espadrilles: Topshop // Bag: Bruuns Bazaar // Sunnies: Ray-Ban

A new point of view

so we finally got to move in to the new apartment today! It is so perfect, and the view from this penthouse is just amazing!!! Tonight I am really looking forward to having my very first Dj lesson, and afterwords I am back in my Danish football t-shirt, hoping so bad we will beat the Germans!!! 😉 Wearing// Top: H&M Trend // Shorts:Topshop // Shoes: Whitney Port, Bik Bok // Sunnies: Ray-Ban