Out for David Guetta concert with the wonderful girls, Victoria & Alexandra! And the lovely Emma <3DAVID GUETTA WAS SO GREAT LAST NIGHT! We were a bunch of girls who went to David Guetta concert last night, and it was SO GREAT! We were dancing all night even though we weren’t drinking. Fantastic party. Victoria & Alexandra have been here all week, they are so amazing, and I am so sad that they have to go home today. I am actually lying in bed being ill right now, I think my immune system couldn’t stand against this crazy week. I am...


Preview on last nights outfit.. Where I went to a David Guetta concert.. Lovely Victoria and I, enjoying our free bar.. BBQ party and champagne on my rooftop..SO SORRY for the last days lack of blogging. Been so busy with so many things, and soon I have a lot to tell you. This week has actually been a bit crazy, I have been drinking a whole lot of champagne and been partying a lot. I am so tired now, and tomorrow I am starting at the DJ-course for 2 weeks. Cant wait! Even though, I really could use a week...


WEARING MY NOTABENE BOOTS in this heat, is not going to happen again. My feet were sweating so much, that I couldn’t even get the boots of! I miss wearing all of my boots, especially my Isabel Marant boots.. But as promised, I will not complain over the HEAT! I am actually a bit hungover right now, I went out last night for dinner and champagne with some lovely girls, and maybe (only maybe) I got a glass to much. Now I will jump in my bikini and go get some tan! Wearing // Shirt & Skirt: ACNE // Boots:...


JUST BOUGHT THESE LOVELY SHOES FROM ZARA! Even though I like my heels to be as high as possible, the hight of these is so perfect for everyday use.


JUST GOT BACK from our weekend getaway to the mountains! It was the most perfect weekend and the best SPA hotel placed on the top of a mountain. Perfect. I wore my new LONG pants from Zara, when we had dinner and wine Saturday night. I love them, and cant wait to use them with a sweater. Cant wait to use all my clothes with a sweater. Wearing // Shirt: Acne // Pants: Zara // Bag: Givenchy // Watch: Zadig & Voltaire