ROTTWEILER SHIRT FROM GIVENCHY ASAP! I am just in doubt about which to choose? I am thinking it could be very nice as oversized if I buy the men’s tee, but at the same time I think it could be fun, to buy both me and my boyfriend one. Think we could look quite scary, walking together in these shirts at the same time. (and then I can always use his, if I want to wear it oversized) Yes, this is the plan.


I just got back home from a lovely dinner with a lovely friend. I wore my Whyred shirt, that I actually totally forgot all about, so I was very happy when I found it hiding in my closet. I am going to sleep now, I have to get up REALLY early tomorrow! My boyfriend invited me to a SPA hotel in the mountains, and since it is a 4 hour drive from here, we are going very early. CANT WAIT! I will of course keep you posted on Instagram (User name; ellaigelkott) Wearing // Shirt: Whyred // Denim Shorts: Day...


MY PHILLIP LIM KA-POW TEE for the second time, I got convinced that I needed the Ka-Pow pullover as-well! And because this is not a nice to have, but NEED to have situation, it is now on its way here. I cant wait to get it, even though I cant really wear it cause of the heat right now -not that I am complaining over the weather! (I promised my Mum that I wouldn’t do that any more, because the summer in Denmark is so cold and rainy.) Haha, sorry! Wearing // Shirt: Phillip Lim // Shorts: DAY (Cut-Off’s) //...


HERE ARE THE LAST TOURIST PICTURES, from when I had my friend visiting. I was in a totally bohemian mode this day, wearing my paisley maxi dress from DAY that I’ve never worn before. I actually changed my style a lot, since I stopped working at DAY.. Or maybe I just went back to my old style. Anyways, I love this bohemian look in the summer time. Wearing: Dress: Day Birger Et Mikkelsen // Sunnies: Malene Birger // Sandals: Zara // Watch: Vintage


YET ANOTHER TOURIST DAY! The pictures are from last week actually, I have spend most of my time with Jeanne who was here to visit, so I didn’t get to update you that much. There is still crazy hot here, and it is just continuing this way, I am actually starting to look forward to getting back to Denmark now! But then again, after a few days in the rain, I would probably wish I was stuck in a heatwave. Wearing // Dress: Zara // Shoes: Never Denim // Bag: Stella McCartney // Bra: Forrest & Bob // Sunnies: Ray-Ban