JUST FOUND SOME PICTURES IN THE ARCHIVE, from the stay in Istanbul. This is from the 2nd day, where we started the day with birthday-brunch in the Taksim Park, and afterwords we went sightseeing and shopping in Nisantasi. Nisantasi is my favourite place in Istanbul, it reminds me a lot of Paris, with the atmosphere and buildings there, and then of course with almost all of my favourite boutiques. Wearing // Shirt: Whyred // Shorts: Acne // Bag: Givenchy // Sandals: Zara // Sunnies: Ray-ban


PICTURES FROM MY BIRTHDAY IN ISTANBUL, on my way to the restaurant for dinner and champagne in my new Louboutin’s (These shoes are seriously NOT made for walking!) It was a perfect birthday and a perfect weekend. I’m quite busy packing right now, I am finally going back to Denmark tomorrow, CANT WAIT! Wearing // Shirt: Acne // Leather Skirt: Gestuz // Shoes: Christian Louboutin // Clutch: From Bulgaria // Sunnies: Ray-Ban


WAS ACTUALLY NOT EVEN THESE AWESOME LOUBOUTIN SHOES! It was the weekend getaway to Istanbul my boyfriend gave me. We don’t always get to spent a lot of  time together, because he is working all the time, so it is always great to get away together. Of course these Louboutin’s he gave me as well, made it totally complete.


Hellooo love birds! I am back from my birthday-weekend-getaway in Istanbul! It was a perfect weekend.. The pictures are from yesterday, where we had the last shopping-day, and my feet were hurting so much, from the evening before (I will show you why later ) So I had to buy some comfortable shoes, and ended up with these from New Balance, and actually really really love them now. As you can see I am wearing a new scarf from Alexander McQueen, it is a birthday present from my mum! LOVE IT. BTW. I am a big fan of Starbucks in...


ARE AT THE MOMENT IN ISTANBUL.. I am here with my lovely boyfriend, to celebrate my birthday and to SHOP! Just woke up, and wanted to share the pictures from yesterday. My day today will be spent with my love, lots of shopping, dinner and drinks tonight. Couldn’t really wish for more (except from my mum and best best friends, miss you!) Anyways, I will begin the day in the gym now, see you later!