I AM SO CRAZY ABOUT MY NEW GANNI SHOES! Cant stop looking at them, and cant wait to wear them!!!


Just found a picture in my CPH archive, from the last week in Copenhagen. I am really finding it difficult to update you these days! The weather is shit, so it is impossible to take outside pictures, and actually that doesn’t even matter, because the clothes, I am wearing these days, are cheap and old, because my crazy puppy is playing the “I eat your clothes, so you will give me some attention game” Hopefully I will be back on track again, very soon!!! Wearing // Knit: Bik Bok // Shorts: Day Birger Et Mikkelsen // Bag: Balenciaga


 I AM LITERALLY LIVING IN A SUITCASE RIGHT NOW.. Or not in it, but all of my things are in it (or in 3 suitcases actually) I am so tired of travelling around, living at different hotels while looking at apartments in Copenhagen. Really need a home now..REALLY! So if you were wondering why I haven’t updated in something that seems like forever, this is the reason..


WITH A LITTLE TOUCH OF NEON, were the colours of my outfit today. I need more beanies in more colours, it can really spice up an outfit! I just got home after a lovely family day at the Zoo, I LOVE to look at animals, especially the ugly and funny looking ones.. Speaking of animals, I just got the black fur vest that I’m wearing at the picture. It is absolutely perfect to wear this time a year, and when it gets colder, I can use it as a cardigan. Wearing // Fur: Vintage // Shirt & Shorts: Day Birger...


SO A LOT OF NEW THINGS ARE GOING ON HERE.. Today I was wearing my new Isabel Marant Pony boots, my new Acne clutch and a new knit from H&M. I am so much in love with my new boots, they are nothing less but awesome -definitely made for walking!