As you may have noticed, there is a huge lack of blogging going on here! And to be honest, I just really need a break from it.. So I have decided to take a break, and maybe I will miss it in 2 days or maybe not at all.. Hopefully I will be back again soon.. Take care. XX


I BOUGHT THIS OVERSIZED KASHMIR FROM THE MMM X H&M COLLECTION! It is so soft and so simple, but still kind of special with the very large and long sleeves.. I love it. Wearing // Knit: Maison Martin Margiela x H&M // Boots: Chloé // Bag: Givenchy


I’VE BEEN REALLY BUSY THIS WEEK, but I did manage to make some time for the launch of MMM x H&M! I got my self to very nice items, and actually I wore some of it today, so I have an outfit update coming up later! Stay tuned..


So here is the bag I bought in London -My new Givenchy-Love!! I was actually looking for a coloured bag, because I’ve suddenly realized that I only have black bags in my closet, and I really need a bag to contrast my clothes.. But once again I ended up with a black bag, but this time a big black Givenchy shopper, that I love just as much as my little black Givenchy..and my black YSL clutch..and my black Stella McCartney Falabella bag..and my favorite black Balenciaga bag…………. Need I say more?


FRIDAY NIGHT IN LONDON, we went out for Tapas & Wine at a Tapas bar called ALL BAR ONE, and afterwords we went to DSTRKT, a really nice club in London! I was already (a lot) tipsy, at the restaurant, so just imagine how it turned out later.. haha. I can definitely tell you, that I was having a hard time Saturday morning!! But as you saw in my previous update, it didn’t stop me from shopping all day. The blazer I am wearing is actually one I bought in H&M in London the same day, it is really awesome, so...