TODAY I WAS WEARING MY NEW HAND-KNITTED BLOUSE FROM GANNI SS13, cant wait to use it with shorts and just a bra underneath. I am busy packing right now for my weekend in London, I am looking so much forward to this weekend! Remember to follow me on Instagram (ella_igelkott), I will probably not update the blog before Sunday evening, but I will for sure go crazy on Instagram! 😉 XX Wearing // Knit: Ganni // Leggings: Topshop // Shoes: Isabel Marant // Iphone Cover: Marc By Marc Jacobs


FINALLY MY PRE ORDERED DAY JACKET ARRIVED, and I am absolutely crazy about it! Especially because you can zip the sleeves of, and use it as a vest as well, 2 in 1 -very smart 🙂 I’ve been sick the last couple of days, and I’m not on top yet, but I am feeling better, so when I saw the sun was shining today, I just had to get out! But now I’m in bed again, and I’m just praying to get better before Friday, when I am going to London with my best friend.. XX Wearing // Jacket: Day...


I’VE JUST ORDERED THESE AMAZING SHOES FROM MANGO’S WEB-SHOP! They look SO perfect, so I really hope they fit perfectly as well.


TODAY I WAS WEARING MY LEOPARD JACKET FROM H&M TREND, MY FAVOURITE HAREM PANTS FROM ZARA & MY AWESOME ACNE BOOTS.. BTW. I have so many new purchases to show you, since I have been away from the blog so long now! So I hope you are still following me out there! 😉


I REALLY NEED THESE CAMOUFLAGE LEATHER ESPADRILLES FROM ZARA!!! They would definitely be perfect for my vacation in Thailand in March!  Find them here..